Guide to a Successful Private Equity Careers in Austin!

The Private Equity industry is a savior for finance professionals who have been worried about the future in these uncertain times.

Chris Gilbert
4 min readJan 4, 2021

The financial industry had suffered a major setback due to COVID-19, however, they are doing their best to strike back in 2021, the picture looks a little glum. According to a white paper released by Deloitte titled ‘Opportunities for Private Equity Post-COVID-19? about more than a trillion dollars of dry powder was accumulated in private equity funds. The feature has talked about the damaging impact the COVID crisis has had on the global economy.

And pins its hopes on the private equity firms, as the authors feel that PE firms play a major role in this disruptive environment where the dilemma is what and where to invest and what to save. According to the research paper by Deloitte, it is believed that now is the time to recognize the role of some of the best private equity firms can play in this time of uncertainty. The research paper further argued that while the private equity industry is best known for buyouts, currently private equity firms can create more value through their work in especially in challenging economic times.

So if you are planning a career in private equity, remember this is the right time to gather all the skills, knowledge, and even experience in the industry.

It will be good to remember that in spite of huge and ever-growing uncertainty private equity firms have already started adopting and are seeking ways to not only salvage the parts of their portfolios that were adversely affected by the crisis but also salvage the new bets that the emerging trends will support.

In addition, don’t even for a moment think that it will be easier to break into the private equity industry considering the economic uncertainties. Aspiring private equity professionals need to remember that the top private equity firms in Austin TX, seek these skills, qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

1. Private Equity firms seek professionals from investment banking analysts at bulge bracket and elite boutique banks, in addition to professionals from in-between-a-Banks.

2. Some of the best private equity firms also seek undergraduates for junior-level roles like private equity analysts — who are common in the markets like Brazil and Portugal and increasingly common at upper-middle-market funds as well as at mega-funds in developed markets.

3. Private Equity professionals who have worked in PE at various organizations. This is also where you can show your internships if any.

4. Smaller private equity firms also hire investment banking analysts at both boutique banks and the middle market.

While it is possible to get through the private equity firms if the aspiring private equity professional is from these background categories, however, it is not probable. Interestingly, if you do get through a PE firm and you are not from any of these categories then one of the following applies –

1. You are either not a resident of the UK or the US, but from the markets where it is easier for non-bankers to get in. Some of the examples include Central & Eastern Europe, India, Russia, and Portugal.

2. You have worked in a closely related field where you have worked on transactions as well. Some of the examples include direct lending, real estate, corporate development, and Big 4 valuation/advisory. If you are in consulting you may qualify for a private equity career, however, it will still be a challenge in the major markets.

3. If you are seeking a career with either new or smaller funds, which don’t have highly structured recruitment processes.

The idea is not to scare the aspiring private equity professionals but to ensure that you are realistic about the changes related to your career choice.

One way to up your chances for breaking into the private equity industry is by going for certifications in private equity. Certifications from reputed credentialing bodies like United States Private Equity Council offers private equity certifications for aspiring private equity professionals.

Talking about the certification — Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP™) is an industry-focused qualification that has been developed post extensive research and consultations with numerous experienced and accomplished private equity experts from around the world. CPEP™ is quite comprehensive and insightful and is built on the USPEC IFIS™ framework CPEP™ certified professionals have been proven profession-ready as they have qualified the exam, which covers the highly advanced managerial, technical, and decision aspects of private equity industry.

So what are you waiting for, it is the right time to go for a certification in private equity!

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